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Frequently Asked Question
I can’t watch ANY movies! what should I do?

In order to watch movies, you must download and install:

  1. FireFox Browser: Mozilla Firefox
  2. Flash Plugin: Flash Player & Shockwave
  3. AVS Plugin (for firefox): AVS Player

Although you can use internet explorer to browse movies, but we highly recommend firefox for its faster speed and increased security.

After I click a link nothing happens, or I get an error!

We use pop-up windows to play videos, so you must disable any pop-up blocking program. If you use Symantec/Norton products (Norton Internet Security, Norton Anti Spam or Norton Personal Firewall), and others:

1) In the main window, on the left side click Norton Anti Spam.

2) Click Ad Blocking, and then click Turn Off.

3) Click Pop-up Blocking, and then click Turn Off.

The movie does not play continuously; It starts and stalls every few seconds!

It is possible you have slow internet connection but most likely the reason is that you are watching a video at peak traffic time. Certain free hosts will restrict bandwidth at peak time in favour of those using their paid subscription accounts, or those users within their domestic markets IP range. The solution is to pause the video and allow it to buffer for a while before resuming. If the problem is severe, try again at a different time of day.
The movie I’ve clicked is only a 5 min length preview, but I want to watch full movie!

In this case you are watching a veoh video. You need to download and install the VeohTV software

Note: You Can Any Request or Report Broken Links