Watch Apt Pupil 1998 Megavideo Movie Online

Watch Apt Pupil (1998) Megavideo Movie Online
Watch Apt Pupil (1998) Megavideo Movie Online.
Apt Pupil: Neighborhood boy Todd Bowden (Renfro) discovers that an old man living on his block named Arthur Denker (Mackellan) is Nazi war criminal. Bowden confronts Denker and offers him a deal: Bowden will not go to the authorities if Denker tells him stories of the concentration camps in WWII. Denker agrees and Bowden starts visiting him regularly. The more stories Bowden hears, the more it affects his personality.Watch Full Movie.
IMDb Rating: 6.7/10.
IMDb Info:
Released: 23 October 1998.
Genres: Drama, Thriller.
Countries: USA.
Director: Bryan Singer.
Actors: Ann Dowd Anthony Moore Brad Renfro Bruce Davison Darrell Britt David Schwimmer Elias Koteas Heather McComb Ian McKellen James Karen Jan Triska Joe Morton Joshua Jackson Kevin Spirtas Marjorie Lovett Michael Artura Michael Byrne Michael Reid MacKay Mickey Cottrell Phaedra Neitzel Richard Dunn Robert 'Duckie' Carpenter.
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