Watch The Pagemaster 1994 Megavideo Movie Online

Watch The Pagemaster (1994) Megavideo Movie Online
Watch The Pagemaster 1994 Megavideo Movie Online
The Pagemaster: This is the story of a young boy named Richard Tyler (Macaulay Culkin), who spouts statistics about the possibility of accidents. So much so, he is scared to do anything that might endanger him, like riding his bike, or climbing into his treehouse. While riding his bike home, Richard finds shelter from a storm inside a nearby library. Richard slips and is knocked unconscious while exploring a rotunda in the library. Upon awakening, he is led on a journey through conflicts and events that resemble fictional stories, keeping him from finding the exit from the library.Watch Full Movie.
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10.
Released: 23 November 1994.
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy.
Countries: USA.
Director: Pixote Hunt, Joe Johnston.
Actors: BJ Ward Christopher Lloyd Dorian Harewood Ed Begley Jr Ed Gilbert Frank Welker George Hearn Jim Cummings Leonard Nimoy Macaulay Culkin Mel Harris Patrick Stewart Phil Hartman Richard Erdman Robert Picardo Whoopi Goldberg.
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