Watch Damage 1992 Megavideo Movie Online

Watch Damage (1992) Megavideo Movie Online
Watch Damage 1992 Megavideo Movie Online
Damage: A member of Parliament (Irons) falls passionately in love with his son's fiancée. They pursue their affair with obsessive abandon despite the dangers of discovery and what it would do to his complacent life and his son. Completely obsessed, he wants to give up his current lifestyle to be with her.Watch Full Movie.
IMDb Rating: 6.8/10.
IMDb Info:
Released: 22 January 1993.
Genres: Drama, Romance.
Countries: USA.
Director: Louis Malle.
Actors: Benjamin Whitrow David Thewlis Ian Bannen Jason Morell Jeff Nuttall Jeremy Irons Julian Fellowes Juliette Binoche Leslie Caron Luc Etienne Miranda Richardson Peter Stormare Ray Gravell Rupert Graves Susan Engel Tony Doyle.
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